Become an exhibitor at our event

Benefits for exhibition participants:

• Gain the attention of European customers.

• Present innovations of the industry.

• Meet business colleagues and exchange contacts.

• Participate in one of the Awards nominations:

1. Nomination “The best flavor of the year” among participating manufacturers 
2. “The best booth” among the participants.

Join us because:
  • This is  the only specialized  exhibition in the Czech Republic.
  • We will unite the community and manufacturers from more than 20 countries
  • Our similar exhibitions have been attended by more than 10,000 people
  • You can choose a starter kit and get tips from the professionals
  • You will become an owner of the novelties from the world's largest producers
  • You will learn how to blow cool rings and do a lot of different tricks
Who we are waiting for:
  • Active and beginning users
  • Those who want to open their own business in this segment
  • Manufacturers and representatives of companies
  • Marketers and specialists in the field of promotion
  • Healthcare experts
  • Those who like to spend a fun time and be aware of new trends
Who will participate:
  • Key international companies, leaders of the national market
  • Manufacturers of electronic devices, liquids, components, accessorie
  • Experts in the field of marketing and sales promotion
  • Distributors and suppliers
  • Specialty shops
What to expect:
  • Demo area
  • Shows and master classes
  • Tricks show
  • Cloud contest
  • Food court area
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